We strive to stay relevant with the latest technology when it comes to printing hardware providing your printing needs at the highest quality and the quickest speed possible. We integrate both digital and offset processes. Due to decades of knowledge in the print business, we know that a hybrid process with regular software upgrades keep us at the cutting edge of the print industry, and allow us to meet demand with efficiency and innovation.

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There is no maximum or minimum printing limit, so our services fit your needs regardless of quantity. While we specialize in high-volume orders and provide value per volume, we maintain our prices at a wholesale value no matter the printing needs. Every project is custom-quoted to fit your needs.



POP/POS Communication

POP/POS Communication

Marketers have closely studied the behavior of buyers and have found that within a retail space, the various Points of Purchase (POP) and Points of Sale (POS) are the most important areas in which to influence consumer behavior. POP/POS materials will help you to highlight products and attract the attention of customers that will result in movement of consumer flow towards the displayed product and an increase in sales.

POP/POS materials are divided into five functional areas; each area requiring specific promotional materials to make it the most effective and impactful on potential customers. Giant Pro Graphics offers a wide selection of POP/POS material for all of these specialized areas. We will help you find solutions that optimize your communication with your buyers and optimize your sales.

The Five Functional Areas:


Exterior decorations will attract consumers to the store, encourage them to come in and to further inform themselves of the product, its features and its price. Giant Pro Graphics offers any type of Exterior POP/POS materials that will attract more customers to your goods. Examples of some of these materials are: signs, light boxes, decals, pavement graphics, billboard advertising, street furniture, transit advertising and wraps, mobile billboards and Guerilla advertising.

Input Group
The Input Group is an important area to fill with POP/POS materials. This is because any promotional material placed here will be seen by all potential buyers and these buyers will rely on this material for information on the product. In this area, labels are usually used that advertise and inform the consumer. Stickers are also used on carts and baskets as well as on cells of storage chambers.

Shop Floor
POP/POS materials placed on the Shop Floor serve the purpose of directing potential customers to the promoted good. Common materials used in this area are signs, toughed floor graphics, banners, end aisle displays, floor stands and light boxes. Air space is also an important factor in this area and POP/POS materials such as hanging posters and displays are also very influential on all potential buyers.

Places Notions
The Places Notions is where POP/POS materials can be used to influence the choice of the consumer. Once the consumer decides to purchase an item, he must choose between competing products. At this point, POP/POS materials will draw the maximum attention to one specific product that will further inform the consumer of the properties or any related special promotions of that good and influence them to make the choice to buy that product over another. Promotional materials in this area should be any printed products that will further inform the consumer of the product and its advantages over other, similar products.

Pre-Till Zone
The Pre-Till Zone is located at the cashier and this is the area where most impulse purchases are made by consumers. POP/POS materials at this section are used to draw attention to these goods and to increase their sales. Materials such shelf displays, stickers, trays, and signage are commonly used in this area.
In-store advertising is a necessary tool for effective communication with a buyer. POP/POS materials are the key players in facilitating this communication. Giant Pro Graphics has the ability to satisfy your POP/POS needs however unique or large scale they may be. We will work with you to increase your sales and fulfill all your customers needs.

Signs & Banners

Bringing every banner size, shape, and design to life and placing your brand or company at the forefront of your audience and client’s mind is part of Giant Pro Graphics’ guarantee of signage and banner production excellence. We service a large number of clients and agencies throughout the world, and we are one of the largest wide format and “Monster Banner” printing companies in the northeast.

We offer competitive and reasonable pricing as well as the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Not only does Giant Pro Graphics pride itself on efficiency, we also print using only the latest and greatest technology the market provides. Our full-service execution provides clients the speed, creativity and innovation to bring campaigns from imagination to market.

Our fleet of in-house grand format printers deliver a consistent level of exceptional designs and final products across all outside and inside signs and banners. Production usually takes 3-5 days from approval, but may vary depending on the production schedule. Rushes can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. You’ll receive an email with a tracking number to stay completely informed throughout the fulfillment process as we believe that transparency and communication are the key to your success.

At Giant Pro Graphics our goal is to make everything simple and painless for you. We offer our guidance through every step of the sign and banner design process and are ready to answer any questions you may have honestly and quickly. We know that large print jobs can be an intimidating process, so we make sure to deliver aesthetically pleasing, flawless banners and signs as quickly as possible to you and your business.

Your successful campaign is our success and our allocated and available resources guarantee that we will have your materials and promo needs in your hands before your fulfillment date. From full color, custom vinyl to outdoor and indoor or mesh banners, we are here to make your sign and banner aspirations a reality.

Volume Printing

The evolution of marketing, reaching your most targeted consumers, and information sharing have undoubtedly changed the way businesses communicate their message and brand. Advancements in technology have brought revolutionary changes to the marketing industry bringing questions of relevancy to tried and true business development strategies of the early 21st century.

Regardless of the changes in the technological landscape, print media is still considered one of the most reliable, robust and effective means of communication; whether interpersonal or branding your business. Our company provides and manages all of your printing necessities because of this very reason: Print is just as important as digital, and we ensure you don’t miss out on your most loyal customers.

We provide printing services in all iterations; brochures and pamphlets, flyers or calendars, business cards and postcards, and every other printing method your team has dreamed up.

When you need thousands or millions of pieces printed, you can rely on Giant Pro Graphics to streamline the process and fulfill your project error-free. Our job is to provide our customers with the fastest, most accurate and affordable rates for their high volume needs, and through our excellent relationships with suppliers – the possibilities are endless.

Bulk printing isn’t just about getting the job done, it’s also about managing your data, mailing list and company needs. Not only do we have the ability to print on a tight schedule, we save you money, keep your information secure, and deliver your pieces error-free! Giant Pro Graphics’ best value is gaining our client’s trust through our expertise and transparency throughout the fulfillment of all high volume printing needs.

Fulfillment Service

Automated Fulfillment Services

Outsourcing the fulfillment of your marketing campaign needs provides many financial advantages and alleviates the costs of setting up a warehouse, staffing, managing, securing, and developing technology solutions to perform your own fulfillment. Outsourcing not only reduces the need for this investment it allows your business to scale with ease. Giant Pro Graphics automated software allows clients to manage their fulfillment projects in an efficient and simple way.

Domestic, Worldwide; Multilingual

In addition to the advantages listed above, we offer multi lingual and global fulfillment services. Our global business expertise and skills ensure the implementation of cost-friendly shipping along with seamless delivery to all locations. An easy-to-manage coordination between our printers and your marketing team and open communication ensure that your print products are delivered on time with zero mistakes.

In the event you do not have your own materials and guidelines for the assembly of your fulfillment job, Giant Pro Graphics will work with you as needed to design and produce custom designs and packaging specific requirements.

Packaging Capabilities

  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Hot/Cold Glue
  • Die Cutting
  • Soft Seal Application
  • Poly Bagging
  • Clam Shell Assembly
  • Custom Corrugate and Inner Packing Designs

Shipping Service

Giant Pro Graphics streamlines the shipping process to guarantee on-time deliveries. We support every type of POP/POS display assembly regardless of size, complexity or necessity. We are able to support various clients’ customized rules for point of purchase and point of sale assemblies with multiple kitting requirements.

Whether you are a small business owner hoping to make a lasting impression to visitors, or you just need to provide instructional sheet printing to accompany POP material shipments, you will appreciate our highly competitive turnaround time and rush order capability.

  • Green Shipping Material
  • Continuity (Auto Shipping) Programs Management
  • Documentation for International Shipments
  • Clients, Reports as Required
  • Storage Service


Large Volume Production Runs of Contour-Cutting Shapes